California HSEEP Course

California's Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Training Course (CA-002-COMM) is an intermediate-level training course that incorporates the US Department of Homeland Security's HSEEP Toolkit and HSEEP methodology. Throughout the course, participants will learn about topics including exercise conduct, program management, design & development, evaluation, and improvement planning. The course will walk participants through the toolkit with an emphasis placed on creating a tabletop exercise (TTX).
The HSEEP Training Course is an interactive course that allows participants to share personal lessons learned and best practices while gaining practical experience. In addition to the instructor-led course presentations, the course includes small group activities, videos, group discussions, the HSEEP Toolkit and capabilities-based planning (e.g., Target Capabilities List and Universal Task List). This blended approach will give participants hands-on experience that readily translates to real-world exercise responsibilities. Activities include creating exercise documentation, conducting exercise planning conferences and briefings, and practicing exercise evaluation.
Who Should Attend?
Local, State, Tribal, Federal and private sector emergency management staff having responsibility for developing and conducting training exercises, emphasizing exercise design teams.
Why HSEEP Training?
A critical part of the emergency management process involves preparing to operate in an effective and efficient manner during an emergency. This course provides education and develops skills that will enable you to plan for, design, and conduct an emergency management exercise. The exercise will train personnel and evaluate your communities or company’s emergency plan and disaster response capability. This is a practical experience in designing, conducting, and evaluating an emergency management exercise.  The core content curriculum of the 32-hour HSEEP Course is up-to-date, thorough, informative and practical application training on HSEEP Tool Kit and Exercise development delivered in nine modules.
Subjects Covered Include
  1. Exercise Program Management
  2. Exercise Design and Development
  3. Develop, Conduct and Evaluate a Discussion-Based Exercise and Operations-Based Exercise
  4. Develop the After Action Report/Improvement Plan
All participants receive a Student Manual including thumbnails and text from the PowerPoint presentations, which form the basis of this course. The Student Manual also includes course CD, fact sheets, and important references and resources. Its purpose is to serve as a useful reference guide for participants long after they have taken the course.
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