Information Analysis Watch & Warning

Cal EMA’s Information and Analysis Division provides strategic analytical support to a variety of internal branches during periods of activation of the State Operations Center (SOC) as well as security assessments to various Cal EMA program managers. A component of  the Information and Analysis Division also serves as the Department of Homeland Security’s, Facility Security Officer, that enables the State of California to engage in secure bi-directional information sharing with the Federal and local governments to mitigate terrorist threats to California.

  • Threat Program Management
    Prevention through detection and deterrence is the cornerstone of California's Homeland Security Strategy. Prevention has at its core cooperation and information sharing between agencies and across the full range of public safety disciplines.
  • State Threat Assessment Center (STAC)
    The State Threat Assessment Center (STAC) is California's state-designated Department of Homeland Security fusion center operated by the California Highway Patrol, the California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) and the California Department of Justice (Cal DOJ).
  • Warning Center
    The California State Warning Center (CSWC) is responsible for informing, communicating, alerting and notifying executive leadership of any natural or human caused emergency.
  • Ability to report observation of suspicious activity that may represent a terrorist threat or a threat to public safety
  • Contacts