State Private Nonprofit (PNP) Organizations Assistance Program

New state legislation recently created the State Private Nonprofit Organizations Assistance Program.  The new program allows certain eligible Private Nonprofits (PNP) or an Intermediary PNP applicant to receive state assistance for extraordinary costs incurred while providing assistance at the request of local agencies during a state disaster event.  Cal OES was designated as the grantor for the program. 
After a state disaster has been declared, an eligible PNP applicant may apply for reimbursement for the extraordinary cost of performing an essential community service at the request of an affected local agency.   To apply, an eligible PNP must submit a PNP Application (Cal EMA PNP-2011-APP) and a PNP Applicant's Authorized Agent Resolution (Cal EMA PNP-2011- AAR) to Cal OES, within 60 days after the date of a Governor's Proclamation.   
PNP Regulations and Law.pdf