Safety Assessment Program (SAP)

The Safety Assessment Program utilizes volunteers and mutual aid resources to provide professional engineers and architects and certified building inspectors to assist local governments in safety evaluation of their built environment in an aftermath of a disaster. The program is managed by Cal OES with cooperation from professional organizations. SAP produces two resources, SAP Evaluators, described above, and SAP Coordinators, which are local government representatives that coordinate the program. Cal OES issues registration ID cards to all SAP Evaluators that have successfully completed the program requirements. Training for this program is now eligible for Homeland Security Grant Program funding.

The following are training schedules that Cal OES is aware of at this time. Please call or email the contact person to register for the class you would like to attend.

  • SAP Evaluator Training Schedule
  • SAP Evaluator Refresher Training Schedule
    (one-half day classes to recertify those whose cards are about to expire; not for new evaluators)
  • SAP Evaluator Train-the-trainer Training Schedule
  • SAP Coordinator Training Schedule
  • Current Deployment Information:  There are no requests at this time; this notice will be updated if the situation changes.
  • SAP Evaluator Online Refresher Training
    If your SAP Evaluator card has expired or is about to expire, you can continue your registration in the program by taking this refresher training. Also, SAP Evaluators can update their contact information. Please only use Windows Internet Explorer as your browser to access this training!
  • SAP informational flyer.pdf
    One-page fact sheet on the Safety Assessment Program.
  • SAP Overview 4 11.ppt
    A short presentation on the Safety Assessment Program, with presenter's notes (seen when in Notes view). Useful for general information on the program (is not a replacement for SAP Evaluator or Refresher courses).
  •  SAP Guideline (pdf file)
    Guideline to organization, function, and implementation of the SAP for local governments and professional organizations.
  • FEMA Policy on Post-Disaster Safety Inspections
    A copy of FEMA's Disaster Assistance Policy 9523.2 on eligibility of building safety inspections supporting emergency work.
  • Sample Placard Adoption Ordinance - Recommended language from California Building Officials for local jurisdiction adoption of safety assessment placards.
  • ATC-20 Rapid Assessment Guiding Principles (pdf file)
    Ten guiding principles to assist you in completing ATC-20 rapid assessments (prepared by SEAONC).
  • SAP Partner Organizations
    Professional organizations that offer training and participation in the Safety Assessment Program.
  • SAP approved lic and cert.pdf
    License and certification requirements for full Evaluator participation in SAP.
  • Cal EMA Certified SAP Trainers (pdf file)
    Trainers Certified to provide SAP Evaluator Training. List is by state, then by organization. Trainers reside in Alaska (1), Alabama (2), California (175), Colorado (8), Florida (3), Georgia (20), Hawaii (1), Iowa (1), Illinois (2), Kansas (1), Louisiana (1), Massachusetts (6), Maryland (2), Missouri (1), Mississippi (2), New Hampshire (1), New Jersey (1), New Mexico (1), New York (4), Oregon (1), Rhode Island (1), South Carolina (3), Texas (1), Utah (1), Virginia (1), Washington (7), Wisconsin (1), and the District of Columbia (4).
  • CEU for SAP Evaluators CEU001.pdf
    California State University of Sacramento will issue Continued Education Units for individuals who have successfully completed the SAP Evaluator training.
  • Registered SAP Evaluators
    List of current SAP Evaluators registered with Cal OES. Sort this list by clicking on the arrows in the header.
  •  New version, setup for 2-sided printing
    SAP Evaluator Student Manual 2013.pdfSAP Evaluator Student Manual 2013.pdf Student Manual for SAP Evaluator training (updated 7/13). Cover for manual: Evaluator Student Cover 7-13.ppt
  • SAP Coordinator Manual Aug 2013.pdfSAP Coordinator Manual Aug 2013.pdf  New version, for use in conjunction with SAP Evaluator class.  Includes best practices learned from New Zealand's response to the 2010 - 2011 Christchurch earthquakes. 
  • SAP Coordinator Cover 8-13.pptSAP Coordinator Cover 8-13.ppt
  • SAP Job Aids
    Job Aids (Guides) for various roles under the program.
  • SAP Partner Organization Job Aid 4 11.pdf
    Provides recommendations and outlines responsibilities of organizations and agencies willing to partner with Cal OES on the Safety Assessment Program.
  • SAP Useful Links
    Link to other organizations that may provide useful information in relation to this program.
  • SAP Forms
    SAP registration, evaluation, and placard forms.
  • Contact Us
    Contacts for statewide Safety Assessment Program coordination and assistance.
  • SAP FAQ 4 11.pdf
    Frequently Asked Questions