Debris Management


It is important for communities to be familiar with state and federal eligibility and reasonable costs guidelines during the planning stage in order appropriately plan for critical issues such as contracting, monitoring and preparing appropriate documentation to support requests for funding. Cal EMA has trained staff that can provide technical assistance, knowledge and experience in order to help applicants to maximize their disaster funding and speed recovery in the affected areas. In addition, staff can assist with the creation of a debris management plan.



Disaster Debris Management Manual - July 2014 Rev.pdf

Disaster debris management costs typically result in 40% of the tocost of any given disaster. This document is intended to provide information to effectively prepare for and respond to debris-related issues from various disasters.

Debris Manual Chapters


Cal OES Debris Concept of Operations (.PDF)
Cal EMA Debris Concept of Operations - Final.pdf

The Cal EMA Debris Concept of Operations will help local governments understand the roles and responsibilities of those involved in a disaster debris management operation.

Debris Management Plan

To maximize resources while minimizing the debris loads to landfills following a disaster, local governments are encouraged to incorporate debris management in their emergency and solid waste management planning activities. Examples of debris plans can be viewed at the links provided below.

1. Debris Management Plan Template

2. FEMA Debris Plan Checklist

3. Cal Recycle Disaster Plan

4. Angora Plan

5 City of San Diego Debris Guidelines

Debris Flyers & Handouts

Right of Entry Forms

Debris Monitoring


Debris Monitoring PDF Document
Forms - Load Site - Disposal Site - Stockpiled Debris

Debris Monitoring

Monitoring Contract - Example
Tracking Worksheet - Example


Debris Management Contacts

Melinda Stehr, Debris Management Coordinator
Phone: (916) 845-8274

Judy Fredericks, Debris Specialist
Phone: (916) 845-8148

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