Application and Proposal Forms

All forms have been updated to reflect the new Cal OES name. Please verify you have selected the correct form.

The following five (5) forms are required for all applications and proposals.

Grant Award Face Sheet (Cal OES 2-101)
Project Contact Information (Cal OES 2-102)
Signature Authorization (Cal OES 2-103)
Certification of Assurance of Compliance (Cal OES 2-104 a-m)
(Click the above link to select your correct form from a list of certifications)
Budget Category and Line Item Detail (Cal OES 2-106 a-b) (Excel format)
a. Budget With Multiple Fund Sources  b. Budget With One Fund Source

It is important to confer with the Checklist provided with the RFA/RFP to determine which forms are necessary. Not all forms are required for every grant.
Budget Narrative (Cal OES 2-107)
(blank pages formatted to Cal OES specifications)
(blank pages formatted to Cal OES specifications)
Project Summary (Cal OES 2-150)
Other Funding Sources (Cal OES 2-151)
Prior, Current, and Proposed Cal OES Funding (Cal EOES 2-152)
Emergency Fund Procedures (Cal OES 2-153)
Project Service Area (Cal OES 2-154)
Noncompetitive Bid Checklist (Cal OES 2-156)
Computer and Automated Systems Purchase Justification Guidelines (Cal OES 2-157)
Out of State Travel Request – with form (Cal OES 2-158)
Reporting Alien Convictions to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) (Cal OES 2-159)
Operational Agreements Summary (Cal OES 2-160)
Sample Operational Agreement (Cal OES 2-161)
CHAT Operational Agreement (Cal OES 2-162)