1033 Program

Background & Information

​1033 Program Overview:  The National defense Authorization Act authorizes the Secretary of Defense to transfer excess Department of Defense (DoD) personal property to Federal, state and local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) with special emphasis given to counter drug and counter terrorism.  The 1033 Program (formerly the 1208 Program) allows LEAs to receive DoD excess property.  If you qualify and choose to participate, your organization will become one of over 13,000 local LEAs who have taken advantage of this unique program.

1033 Program Certification Information

Program Certification is required annually and whenever an agency's Chief Executive Official Changes.  Certification consists of a complete Certification Package and a physical inventory of controlled property procured through the 1033 or 1208 Program(s). PSPP Staff will provide your agency with an email prompt and official inventory records (as listed in the Federal database), at least 30 days before your Agency ID is scheduled to expire.   

Screening (Requesting Property)

Screening worldwide for excess property is extremely simple and can be online through the Defense Logistics Agency's property search application.  You can search for specific items or for a broad range of material.  You can even create a want list, so the system can search for you.  You can also visit your nearby Disposition Services Center (formerly known as a DRMO).

Lists of Law Enforcement related National Stock Numbers (NSNs)

1.  Law Enforcement related   2.  HMMWV ID Chart   3.  Range Supplies 

Special Equipment

Some equipment is scarce, unavailable on line, or is in such high demand that additional steps are taken to ensure equitable distribution throughout the nation.   If your agency is interested in acquiring Aircraft, Weapons, or armored response vehicles, please use the special equipment links to the right...