1122 Program

 1122 Program Overview:  The National Defense Authorization Act authorizes state and local government agencies to purchase law enforcement equipment, suitable for counter-drug activities, through Federal channels . The 1122 program allows state and local government agencies to take advantage of discounts available to the Federal Government.


Purchasing Overview

The 1122 Program affords state and local governmental agencies the opportunity to take advantage of discounts available to the Federal Government (due to it's large volume purchases).  By using this system, agencies are able to maximize their budget dollars in purchasing items required for the completion of their Counter Drug, Homeland Security, and Emergency Response missions. 



Certification Information

To become certified for participation in the 1122 Program, an agency must submit a letter requesting certification in Counter Drug, Homeland Security, and/or Emergency Response. Prepared letters are reviewed and if approved, a confirmation letter is sent to the agency authorizing their participation in the selected activity. 

Forms & Publications

​These forms will change often, please check often for the latest updates. 


If you are ordering more than 12 items on a single order, use the extended pages version.