Individuals and Families

Ways to Prepare You and Your Family

The Helping Children During a Disaster (PDF) document offers parents, caregivers, and other adults suggestions on how to help children cope with the effects of disaster, as well as how to be prepared before a disaster strikes. A joint publication by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the American Red Cross (ARC).

Other Guidance:

National Commission on Children in Disasters

American Academy of Pediatrics - Children and Disasters

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Coping with Disaster or traumatic Event

California Childcare Health Program (University of California-San Francisco) - Coping with Disaster or Traumatic Event Preparing Young Children for Disasters (PDF)

Partners in Disaster Preparedness

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10 Ways You Can Be Disaster Prepared 


1. Identify Your Risk
2. Create a Family Disaster Plan 
3. Practice Your Disaster Plan 
4. Build a Disaster Supply Kit For Your Home and Car 
5. Prepare Your Children
6. Don’t Forget Those With Special Needs 
7. Learn CPR and First Aid 
8. Eliminate Hazards in Your Home and The Workplace​ 
9. Understand Post 9/11 Risks 
10. Get Involved, Volunteer, Bear Responsibility