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Pack Test

Cal OES/CFCA/CPF - CA. Fire Svc. Policy Statement on Pack Test (04-2009)

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PUC Decision regarding the Safety Protocols and Procedures for PG&E 
The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has put together a decision on the “Safety Phase of the Protocols and Procedures adopted for Pacific Gas and Electric Company” (PG&E). A number of the decisions items effect Fire Departments throughout the State of California. The PUC is requiring that a number of safety protocols and procedures be provided in their existing public safety and training efforts, emergency operation plan, dispatch procedures, and customer education efforts. The decisions to look at are 1) providing at no cost to ALL Fire Departments maps of PG&E gas transmission lines, gas storage facilities, and the associated shut-off valves that are located in the jurisdiction of each particular fire department of agency. 2) PG&E shall provide free training on natural gas to every fire department and agency on a regular basis in PG&E’s service territory. 3) PG&E must incorporate specific changes into its dispatch and emergency response procedures.

Below is the link to the letter and the PUC decision.

PUC - Paul Clanon Decision (06-2011)