Chief of Staff

Office of the Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff provides support to the Secretary and Undersecretary and assists them in overseeing the agency and accomplishing the goals and objectives of the Secretary.  The Chief of Staff's Office is comprised of the Public and Crisis Communication, Legal and Legislative Affairs, Policy and Strategic Initiatives, Office of Audits and Evaluation, and provides oversight to the Office of Civil Rights and Equal Employment Program and the Office of Access and Functional Needs.  The Chief of Staff also coordinates international affairs and leads special high-level projects.  Within the international affairs realm is the Border Governor’s Conference worktables in which all U.S. and Mexico Border States participate and work on matters pertaining to emergency management, public safety, strengthening mutual aid relationships and information exchange and best practices. 


  • Public & Crisis Communication (PIO's Office)
    Public and Crisis Communications includes the Office of Public Information and Media Relations.  Public and Crisis Communications is responsible for distributing public information during a crisis and educating the public about ongoing disaster preparedness.
  • Legal & Legislative Affairs
    Legal and Legislative Affairs provides advice and consultations on all legal issues affecting the agency. The Office of Legislative Affairs monitors state and federal bills related to emergency management and disaster preparedness. The office provides timely bill analyses that objectively analyze key points and impacts of proposed legislation. The office also provides technical assistance and consults with legislative staff and stakeholders as appropriate, and ensures that implementation occurs following enactment of new statutes that affect Cal OES and its programs.
  • Access and Functional Needs (OAFN)
    The purpose of OAFN is to identify the needs of people with disabilities before, during and after a disaster and to integrate disability needs and resources into all aspects of emergency management systems.
  • Audits & Evaluations
    The Office of Audits and Evaluations is the internal audit function for Cal OES.  The Office performs internal audits on Cal OES' operations to ensure effective and efficient operations, compliance with state rules and regulations and ensures the reliability of Cal OES financial reports.  
  • Policy & Strategic Initiatives
    The Policy and Strategic Initiatives Office is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and administration of Cal OES' strategic initiatives, emerging issues, and executive briefings. 
  • Technology Operations
    The Technology Operations Division (TOD) creates an interoperable, all-risk, communications environment by providing technical assistance, education, systems, equipment and personnel to support the State of California.
  • Boards, Councils & Committees
    Cal OES is involved in various Boards, Councils and Committees on a broad range of issues.
  • Intergovernmental Tribal Affairs
    The purpose of the Intergovernmental Tribal Affairs Office is to improve and maintain communication and collaboration between California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) and all Native American Tribes in California.