Hazardous Materials Field Training Facility

CSTI’s Hazardous Materials Field Training Site is equipped to demonstrate a variety of hazardous materials problems encountered in the field. The site includes a rail car with five different rail domes plumed with air, water and liquid nitrogen to simulate real leaks; a thirteen rail car derailment with functional leaks and a complex pipe tree room. Other equipment available for training needs are multiple cylinders including: 150 lb and 1 ton containers plumbed with leaks, a variety of highway cargo tanks with leaks, an overturned MC 306 gasoline tanker, set up for stinger operations, intermediate size tanks found at fixed facilities and a wide variety of miscellaneous drums and cylinders. The site also includes a technical reference room and a new classroom is currently being constructed. Most importantly, this site allows for a wide variety of hazmat problems encountered in the field designed to leak at actual field pressures.